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01 October 2007 @ 05:54 pm
*X-posted from my personal journal*

According to the BBC News website, the winning ticket e-mails will be posted tonight at 23:00 GMT (00:00 BST).

So keep your eyes peeled! :D


Some more details, as per the updated FAQ on the Ahmet Ertegun site:

If you accidentally registered twice, don't worry; the duplicate application ONLY will be deleted, not both as initially feared.

If you're successful and require disabled access, details will be supplied to you in the e-mail.

If you're successful, you'll have 72 hours in which to pay for your tickets.

Tickets that are not purchased within 72 hours will go into a second ballot, with names chosen from the remaining people on the list.

Finally: Wishing all of you the very, very best of luck tonight, and thank you for joining this community! It's been a fairly stressful couple of weeks for everyone and with a bit of luck, at least a handful of people in the vast ocean of online Zep fandom may have something to celebrate soon.

All the best, riothouse
25 September 2007 @ 11:13 am
Winners should start to hear any day now.

To all who entered ... the very best of luck. :) (fingers and toes crossed).

*ETA: I changed the lemon icon to something more positive and smiley. I was actually incredibly nervous when I posted this entry, but the 'nervous' icon looked horrible, like it was scowling or worse, and I was reluctant to use 'optimistic' because I didn't want to tempt fate. So I settled on 'okay', but even that looked a bit sour-faced, so I'm swapping it for 'happy.'
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22 September 2007 @ 04:40 pm
You can create a poll using LJ software, apparently, and I tried, but it only allows X amount of characters. So I've typed it out instead and here it is:

1. Are you happy with the chosen venue (02 Arena?)

a. Yes
b. No
c. No opinion

2. Stupid question - would you say the capacity of the 02 (20,000, probably closer to 18,000 after the friends/family and corporate allocation)is enough?

a. Yes - any more than the 'exclusiveness' of the gig will be lost.
b. NO! (hee)
c. No opinion.

3. If YOU could choose a venue, what would it be?

a. I'm happy with the 02.

b. Somewhere outdoors with a capacity of 100,000, like Hyde Park or Knebworth, perhaps rescheduling the date for summer 2008 (London in November - brrr).

c. A stadium, such as Wembley or the Millenium in Cardiff.

d. Somewhere with historical significance, like Earls Court.

e. They could play on top of a landfill and I'd still want to see them!

f. Other (please comment, e.g my front room).

4. How would you seek to increase capacity?

a. By changing the venue to a stadium or other outdoor location.

b. A multiple-night residency at the 02.

c. Keep the gig in London, but also do one in New York where Atlantic Records was based.

d. A short world tour, covering five or six major cities.

e. I'm happy to keep it as it is.

5. Do you consider the ticket ballot a viable means of distributing tickets?

a. Yes, because genuine fans will at least have a shot at getting them.

b. Yes, for different reasons (please comment if you wish).

c. Sort of, but there's still potential for abuse from touts registering with different names or addresses and from different IPs, then there's the question of what will happen to the unclaimed or cancelled tickets.

d. Not really, for reasons given above.

e. Not really, for different reasons (please comment if you wish.)

6. Any alternative suggestions for distributing tickets?

a. No, I'm happy with the ballot as it stands.

b. Keep the ballot, but include a short (5-question) quiz on Led Zeppelin as part of the registration process. Make the quiz fairly easy for fans, but difficult for potential touts and so-called 'weekend' fans, and do it so the questions change for each applicant. Applicants who answer all five questions correctly go into the ballot.

c. Sell the tickets through normal means and if they sell out, at least I'll have a chance to get one through a ticket agency. The cost doesn't bother me - I'm willing to pay over the odds to see Zeppelin anyway.

d. Other (please comment if you wish.)

Thanks for participating!
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20 September 2007 @ 04:32 pm
Fans who caught up with Led Zeppelin drummer Jason Bonham outside his Concord hotel today, said the son of original member John Bonham told them the legendary quartet has rehearsed eight times, and has only worked on standard-length songs.

"You won't hear a 30-minute 'Dazed and Confused'," said Bonham, who signed a fan's drum head with the Zep logo.

Which is sad, in a way, because the highlights of the last Page/Plant tours were the long versions of old tunes, beefed up with an Egyptian wedding orchestra, classical musicians and a hurdy gurdy player.

But whatever: a Zep reunion will be the biggest thing in current rock rebirths, making the likes of Van Halen or Genesis forgettable.

Bonham was in town because he is the road drummer for Foreigner, which plays Concord Pavilion with Styx and Def Leppard.

For the full article (with pics) go here:

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20 September 2007 @ 02:40 am
Here's the introduction for the community, as seen on the User Info page.

Welcome! I've set up this journal for discussion of Led Zeppelin's upcoming reunion gig at London's 02 arena, a tribute concert for Ahmet Ertegun, the founder of Atlantic Records who passed away recently.

This community is for chat, news and speculation about the event. Topics include the ticket ballot, potential set lists and prospects of a webcast or live recording for those unable to attend. Should any members be fortunate enough to secure a ticket, they can use this community to discuss travel plans, tips etc, and to post their reports in the aftermath. The possibility of a follow-up tour may also be discussed here.

Membership is open to all. There are a few rules, however:

No trolling or spam. Trolling includes slagging off the band (why would you be here if you wanted to do that?) and slagging off the members of this community. Leading to rule no. 2:

Be nice to each other! If you disagree with someone on a topic, do so politely.

This is a discussion-centred board so please - no fanfic or fanart, as communities already exist for this purpose. If you're lucky enough to get a ticket, concert reviews are definitely welcome!

And, erm ... that's it!

Good luck, and thanks for joining!

Riothouse x
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19 September 2007 @ 10:34 pm
Testing, just to see what the colour scheme looks like and stuff. :D